Why Infant Swim Lessons are so Important

Why Should Children Learn to Swim-And Keep Taking Lessons Once They Do?

From boosted self-esteem to socialization, swimming classes have a lot to offer. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of children learning to swim-and what it means for continuing swim lessons.

  • Enhanced safety around the water. Water is everywhere. When your infant or child knows how to swim, it can prevent accidental drowning. Even better, after your child masters the basics of swim - float - swim, there are always new skills to hone for greater levels of protection in the water.

  • Increased confidence. When a child learns a new skill, it’s an empowering experience - one that helps him or her feel ready to take on other challenges.

  • Great exercise. As a child, physical activity is important for preventing obesity, building endurance, improving strength and more. Plus, taking swim classes gives your infant or child exercise that can continue in all seasons and ages throughout life.

  • Better academic performance. Believe it or not, swimming lessons have been linked with stronger academic performance. Whether it is because of the discipline-building habits or the increased confidence of learning something new, the benefits of learning to swim extend even into the classroom.

  • Fun and socialization. For a child who loves the water, swim classes offer an opportunity to do something enjoyable and makes friends with other kids who share the same passion.

  • Stress relief. Infants and children who already know how to swim will often view swim lessons as a fun activity, one that is mood-enhancing and restorative. Some of the other advantages of swimming, such as boosted confidence and social interaction, can be good for a child’s overall mental and emotional health, too.

    The bottom line is, teaching your infant to swim is an important life skill not just to survive around the water, but also to reap all kinds of rewards. Signing your new or experienced swimmer up for lessons gives them an outlet for practicing this ability.