Meet Krissy:

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Krissy has been trained by Judy Heumann through the Infant Aquatic and Swim - Float - Swim method. She has over 200 hours of in water training and is a certified Infant Aquatic Survival℠ Specialist.


“Mrs. Krissy is amazing! She is so patient with the kids. She taught both my 19 month old and 3 year old how to swim-float-swim. We have peace of mind knowing our kids can swim. She is worth the money!”

~ Tina Stevens

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“We love Krissy! My 6 month old learned survival swim and is an absolute fish with Infant Aquatics. I highly recommend to anyone wanting their kids to be safe and confident around water”

~Katie Marston


Krissy is amazing!! She was so great and patient with our little one. I can't even begin to fully express how happy and satisfied we are with the skill set she taught our little guy!

~ Niki Anderson


Hello, my name is Krissy Walkwitz the owner and operator of Little Waves Swim Academy. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children under the age of five. Drowning can happen in almost any amount of water, indoors or outdoors, and can be prevented. Our program at Little Waves Swim Academy ensures that any and every infant or child can master aquatic survival skills in mere weeks and enables families to safely enjoy the water.

I am a passionate swimmer who grew up around the water and competed on swim teams at an early age. I graduated from Texas Tech University in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies specializing in early childhood education. I have worked with children for over 20 years and am amazed every day at what they are capable of learning.

My family and I recently re-located to beautiful Maine from Austin, Texas where I had owned and operated Infant Aquatics of Austin for the past 6 years. After researching swim lessons and programs in the Portland area, I have found there is not a program that teaches children the crucial aquatic survival skills. Knowing how to roll over to take a breath in the water can save a child’s life.

My focus at Little Waves Swim Academy is to provide a safe and fun environment where infants and children can confidently learn how to float and swim in the event they were to fall in any body of water. I am excited to bring this program and my background in swim survival instruction to this wonderful community. With coastal waters, lakes, ponds, and back yard pools all around us, it is imperative for children to learn these swim skills at an early age.

I want every child that goes through my program to gain self-confidence and obtain a foundation for swimming that will last a lifetime. I am thrilled to meet your little ones and start our aquatic adventure together! I look forward to teaching your child to swim and survive in the water in weeks instead of years.