Infant Swimming Lessons, and More

Your infant or child will learn life-saving aquatic survival skills in just 3-6 weeks. Little Waves Swim Academy, Maine’s premiere swim survival program, offers proven survival skills training to enable your child to swim - float - swim in the event of an accidental encounter with water. Through our hands-on, one on one approach, your child is guided through a swim program that is personalized to their age appropriate level. Our goal is to equip your child with the necessary skills to survive in water, and provide them with confidence to be an independent swimmer. Few programs are willing to teach children under the age of three; typically if they do it’s just water acclimation. We offer infant swimming instruction to children ages 6 months and up.

Krissy and baby swimming

Your Infant Will Be Swimming in Weeks, Not Years

Our proven method will equip your child with the survival swimming skills required to safely enjoy the water. In six weeks, your toddler will learn to swim face down in the water, rotate over to float, rest, and then turn back over to continue to swim. Learn more about our infant swim program.

Krissy and baby swimming

Begin Your Baby’s Swimming Journey with Us

Our goal for your child is to be safe in the water and develop a life long love for swimming. Krissy has been trained through the Infant Aquatic and Swim-Float-Swim method. She has over 200 hours of in water training and is a certified Infant Aquatic Survival℠ Specialist. Learn more about Krissy.

Why Infant Swim Lessons are so Important

For most parents, one of the biggest benefits of infant swimming lessons is safety, but are there more reasons to learn to swim than lowered risk? Yes, there are many benefits of learning to swim going far beyond the obvious. Read More

The first step towards your infant swimming is teaching them to roll onto their back and float in order to take a breath that can save their life!