About Our Infant Swim Program:

In four weeks, I will teach your infant how to hold their breath, turn over onto their back, and perform the survival back float unassisted. In six weeks, your infant will be swimming face down in the water and learn to rotate over to float, rest, and then turn back over to continue to swim. The swim - float - swim method not only ensures your child knows how to react to real-life situations in the water, but also gives them the confidence to enjoy the water, safely. Lessons are one-on-one, 4 days a week (Monday-Thursday) and 10 minutes long for 4-6 consecutive weeks.


This 16 month old is able to swim face down in the water, she flips over on her back to take a rest, and then turns back over to continue to swim until she reaches the edge of the pool.

This infant has learned life-saving skills. She can find the surface of the water after being submerged. She knows where the top of the water is, and what she needs to do to calmly get air.

This 4 year old has mastered swim-float-swim, and is learning beginning stroke development.