Review from Charmie

It’s been amazing to watch how quickly my 4yo has picked up on the swim-float-swim technique. In just 3 weeks with Ms. Krissy she’s gone from not wanting to go near water without me or without a puddle jumper on to being able to pass a winter clothes swim test (jumping into the pool with a sweatshirt, jeans and rain boots on!) and save herself. I’ve paid for a lot of mommy & me swim classes, etc., but this is actually the first time I feel like my kid could survive if she fell into a pool. We’re around a lot of water here in Maine between the beaches, lakes and pools. The summers are so nice we’re out every day so I’m glad to finally feel safer with my young child at the lake house, etc.. I highly recommend this and feel like everyone with young kids should take a survival swimming class! Ms. Krissy is great!